Procurement Career Accelerator Series

Young Talent in Procurement

The program focuses on the procurement fundamentals and essential knowledge aligned with the global needs of Realtime business.
The content and the program format are designed to equip the next generation of young talent with skills to succeed in the future of procurement.

Content Overview

The possible career options for a professional who wants to progress in procurement. Understanding the concept and role of procurement in an organization. Procurement & Purchasing’s contribution to corporate strategy and value creation, the role of strategy in Procurement, and how to leverage these strategies. Learning the Key terms and definitions. Defining the Purpose of a category strategy and the methods of aligning strategy to deliver the business requirements.

The participants will be learning and discussing how Category Management is a powerful approach to strategic procurement. While focusing on working with the organization’s key areas of spend to secure added value, Influence the development of needs and specifications, they will learn to build significant competitive advantage, deliver cost reduction, and the value and innovation required for business success.

Knowing when to negotiate is as important as knowing how to deal with the suppliers. By understanding the purpose of negotiations for procurement professionals, they will be able to build winning negotiations by influencing strategies for claiming Value and selecting the right strategies in a negotiation.

Program Details

This program is designed and tailored with ByPi Global Learning & Development Methodology. And executed with  Continuous Learning While Working Model.


• Young Talent in Procurement Development Program duration is 6 Months
• The Global program language is English.
• Other languages are available via simultaneous translation upon request.
• Content is designed for professionals with 1-5 Years of Experience in Procurement.
• All Training sessions are Online & Live.

Continuous Learning While Working

2 Hours per Week – Dedication

Procurement Learning Methodology

Live Sessions

Live & Online Training Sessions: 

Each Session will be between 60-90 minutes live instructor led training.

Brainstorming Sessions (GroupDiscussion): 

These sessions will be where participants could create and share ideas with other participants and program leaders.

Coffee Break /Q&A:

Live Sessions for participants to ask and discuss own questions with experts.

Case Studies (Group Discussion):

Case studies on current and real issues and discussion on solution.

Self-Paced Studies


Participants will receive periodical content and material to support learning outside live sessions.

Focus Time WithManagers: 

Participants will be asked to spend time with their Manager/Director to discuss one title/concept from training.

Business Adaptation:

Learning content and studies will be adapted to a whole or small part of own daily process by the participants.

ChatGPT Adaptive Learning:

Learning content and studies will be adapted to a whole or small part of own daily process by the participants.

Development Record

Personalized Learning Compass:

Participants will be asked to spend time with their
Manager/Director to discuss one title/concept from training.

Progress Pulse:

Line Managers/HR Departments will receive updates on the progress of the program and participants.

Graduation Study:

Participant will be asked to deliver a short article or a case Study providing the adaptation of learning to own work.


The participants are expected to fulfill 100% of the self-paced studies, homework and attend to min. 80% of live sessions and submit a graduation study.

Program Titles

• Kick Off to Development Program
• The Evolution and Future of Procurement
• The Procurement Esperanto
• Proffesional Problem Identification in Procurement 
• Proffesional Problem Solving in Procurement 
• Project Development and ValueGeneration in Procurement
• Customer and Stakeholder Management & Effective Communication
• Think again in Procurement – Inspired by Adam Grant – “Think Again”
• Category Management approach to Procurement for Organizastional Success
• Procurement Contract Zen: Achieving Harmony and Maximizing Value
• Tango with Negotiation
• Opportunities and Threats of Digitalization in Procurement
• Chat GPT my Virtual Procurement Team Member
• My Procurement Career Journey
• + Wisdom Talk – Inspirational Globals Guest Speaker
• UnConventional Procurement Wisdom
• B2B Value Essentials for Procurement
• Less is More Strategy – WalMart Case
• Procurement Idea Generation
• Procurement Problem Solving: Leveraging Managerial Focus Time and Collaborative Brainstorming
• Navigating the Project Economy: Insights and Reflections from Harvard Business Review
• Crafting Procurement Category Value Propositions
• Unleashing the Art of Listening for Negotiations
• From Silence to Solutions: Procurement Collaboration
• Graduation Assignment 

Program Calender

Young Talent in Procurement Develeopment Program offers a unique and continuous learning experience.

The Program is designed to allow Participants who will embark the learning journey toreceive knowledge, gain experience and transfer all learnings to daily work and the organization

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